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Emergency Board Ups

Emergency Board Ups

Whether there is a limited amount of fire damage in your home, or there is a total loss, it is vital to board up your home for three key reasons:

  • Protection of Valuables

    Unless your home or business is completely destroyed by fire, you will likely have leftover valuables in your home. By having Premier Restoration secure your home with an emergency board up, you are reducing your risk of further grief from burglary, vandalism, or any type of home intrusion.

    With response times under one hour from your initial call to us, Premier Restoration acts quickly to protect your home, and help give you a small piece of mind.

  • Public Safety

    Following a fire, board ups are important to protect the safety of the public. Fires attract lots of attention from neighbors, news crews, kids, and even crooks. By having your home or business boarded up under the care of Premier Restoration in less than one hour, you are protecting yourself from any sort of liability from someone who would try to enter the premises.

  • Arson Investigation

    Every fire case is investigated by a properly trained fire professional regardless of size, location, or any other factor. Because of this, protecting the contents of the home or business, and keeping them in their original state is crucial to both you and law enforcement.

    The difference between an emergency board by Premier Restoration and other restoration companies is that Premier takes great caution in preserving the integrity of the fire scene. While boarding up, Premier Restoration catalogs the damage through digital photographs. For the convenience of everyone involved, those pictures are made available to law enforcement, the insurance company, and the home or business owner.

Why Choose Premier Restoration For Emergency Board Ups?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond quickly, and are on scene in under one hour. We ensure a smooth transition by working with the fire department to identify damaged areas, and to provide assistance in whatever way we can.