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Restoration Design

Losing a space due to fire damage is difficult enough. Having to rebound from a fire and rebuild can be a burden for any homeowner. Premier Restoration’s team of professionals will assist you in the redesign process to get the space back to feeling like your home again. Whether it’s a kitchen redesign, bathroom redesign, or total home renovation design, Premier Restoration will asses your wants and work with you to assure your home looks exactly how you want.

Not only will we create the design plan but we can implement the construction as well. Our team of professionals will complete the construction with the highest level of craftsmanship & diligence. Put the burden on us so you have more time to recover and get your house back to feeling like your home.

Our Process Includes

  1. Asses extent of damage
  2. Develop a plan of action
  3. Create a design that best works for the space and the needs of the homeowner
  4. Decide materials needed for reconstruction
  5. Deploy our team of construction professionals to complete the job