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Tree Removal

Thunderstorms, windstorms, and ice storms can cause major damage to your trees, which in turn can cause major damage to your home or business. High winds or heavy ice can break tree limbs that force larger tree debris on to your property. After severe weather has passed, it is important to monitor your trees and property for signs of distress, such as breaks, bends, or weakness of limbs.

Premier Restoration specializes in assisting you during these hazardous conditions, providing you with quality reassurance. Tree removal can be troublesome and should not be performed without the expertise of trained professionals and specialized equipment. Our equipment operators and tree care professionals are experienced in the delicate job of removing fallen trees without further damage to your property. Premier Restoration always has trained professionals standing by for your emergency tree removal needs. With a staff of highly skilled professionals ready to address your tree removal needs, Premier Restoration can give you the repair your home or building deserves.

Once our experts have removed all of the trees from your property, Premier Restoration can provide you with professionals to rejuvenate your trees and landscape while keeping your property safe in the process.

Our Process Involves

  1. Assessment of the site, including inspection of possible electrical hazards
  2. Developing a course of action for tree removal
  3. Determine size of crew and type of equipment needed (wood chipper, bucket lift, saddle rigging, etc.)
  4. Executing course of action, depending on the amount of damage
  5. Suggestions of further tree removal prevention, including landscape repair