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Structural Drying

Premiere Restoration has a large variety of Desiccant dehumidifiers fit for every job. Desiccants perform where other units in the industry cannot properly operate, such as in cold temperatures and in low humidity. Desiccants generally work to their maximum in large open areas.

Examples of ideal locations for the use of these dehumidifiers are schools, multi-story homes or buildings and large commercial buildings. We will work directly with your or your insurance company at your preference.

Premiere Restoration is also one of the few companies that employ the technology of the TES drying system. The TES (Thermal Energy System), employs a state of the art technology called the Reets Evaporation Method, combining controlled heat and air flow to Produce high speed evaporation. This allows for most drying jobs to be completed in less than 30 hours, including carpeting, hardwood floors, walls and substrates.

Our Process Involves:

  1. Immediate emergency assessment of property structure, electrical and plumbing
  2. Ensure that the water leak source has been properly fixed. Our trained professionals will inspect the origin of the water source to ensure that this has been properly fixed
  3. Ensure that excess water has been properly extracted. We utilize special equipment to quickly and effectively remove water
  4. Deploy the proper strategy and equipment to thoroughly dry your structure